Language Weekends

I was contemplating how much I could get done in the span of a weekend, with no distractions and a lot of hard study. If I spent Friday after work until Sunday evening with no obligations other than improving my target language, I feel like I could get alot accomplished.

I was thinking about this, largely in response to listening to German Pimsleur lessons at work today. (I work in a factory, and I have a lot of time where my hands are working but my mind is free – which is why I often have time to listen/think at work.) I took a year of German when I was in high school (12 or 13 years ago), and although I remember a few things, most of it is gone. I think I would be able to pick it up very easily if I had the time to spend on it – alot of the vocabulary and basic grammar is somewhere in the back of my head, and it’s just a matter of getting back into it. If I had a weekend that I could completely devote to it, I think I would be beginner-intermediate level very quickly.

I think I might be able to get rid of my kids next weekend. (I use that term lovingly – my babysitter would love to keep them over the weekend, and the kids would have a lot of fun, too.) I may decide to try it out. If I make 20-30 hours of hard study throughout the weekend, I could get a lot accomplished.

If this works as well as I think it could, I might make a habit of doing it once a month (if my babysitter is willing, anyways!), and change up the language each time. It would also be a good way to get better acquainted with Lithuanian, and get alot further with Spanish. Has anyone tried anything like this, kind of a mini-immersion program with self-teaching? I’d be curious to see what kind of results others would have with a similar plan, and how specifically you would go about doing something like this.


5 Responses to “Language Weekends”

  1. edwinlaw Says:

    Hi, thanks for adding my blog into your blogroll. I am going to add yours to my blogroll too. Sorry for the delay, I checked your blog a few weeks ago, and I did not see any activity. I thought it is was dormant.

    As for language learning, I have a small advise. I wouldn’t perform activity learning in more than 2 languages at the same time. This is just my own opinion though.


  2. linguaphile2006 Says:

    It was semi-dormant for awhile. I was hibernating. =) Actually, it was a combination of begin tremendously busy with Christmas, and having a lousy month or two. My fiance passed away last January, so it was a tough time, and I have the philosophy that if I don’t have anything good to say, it’s better to keep my mouth shut. =)

    But that is past (thank goodness), and I am back on track with a new enthusiasm. I agree that it’s better not to spread youself between more than two languages at a time, too. It’s just since I switched back to Spanish (from Italian, a few months ago), I want to pick something else up so I do not get bored with it. My main thing is that Spanish is my primary study right now, and I was looking for a secondary one. I have a LOT of time to listen to audio at work, and as much as I like Spanish, I don’t want to get tired of it.

    After the past few weeks, I have been thinking that Japanese would require more than I have to give at the moment. The writing systems are complicated (to say the least), and the effort required even to make small progress in it would be more than I can afford a “secondary” language. I would like to continue learning the writing systems so I can recognize the kana, but that will be as time permits, with no specific goals or time frames set on it.

    I have been debating between German and Lithuanian for my secondary language, and have been feeling both languages out a little the past week. German would be ultimately more useful, but I have quite an interest in Lithuanian. I guess at this point, it is a matter of deciding which of these two languages to pursue on a more serious level. I think German would be much easier, but Lithuanian would be more satisfying. Also, German would open the door to the other Germanic languages, and Lithuanian would not have the same advantage. I hate making a hasty decision and putting it in “print” then feeling like an idiot when I end up changing my mind. =) So with that, I will give myself a little more time to dabble with both of them, while still focusing on my Spanish, and see which one grabs my attention more.

  3. zoozle Says:

    Why do you need Lithuanian? I would recomend to drop it.
    You will not have any use of it unless you are going to relocate to lithuania.

    Any way – Respect for attention to this rare language.


    lithuanian Zoozle

  4. zoozle Says:

    But if you need any help in a Lithuanian language subject – just drop a line to me.

    I’ll be more than happy to help with it.

  5. linguaphile2006 Says:

    It’s not a matter of “needing” to learn it for any reason, I just have an interest in the culture and the language, and interest is enough of a reason to learn a language, if you are sufficiently motivated. =)

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